The beginning of many bad ideas...

So Step one, the week before a race... build new wheels.  In reality this is a very bad idea.  Everything should be tried and true and you should have complete faith in your kit and fit of the bike.  So the other way to go is to try your hand at building wheels at the very last minute, put around 30 miles on them and hope that they stay together through the race. Ohhh and be sure to true them further right before you put your bike away for heading out to ride some unknown number of miles in the heat and hills.

Plan B is the right one. So here is a picture of my wheels for the endevour:
Sometimes its good that one of your team members is bringing an entire backup set of wheels, just in case (an example of "in case" is "in case you try to build wheels for the first time and hope they hold together")


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