100 Miles of Nowhere Ride Report

100 miles on the trainer.  Summed up in one word - "ugh".

My goal  for this year's 100 Miles of Nowhere was to create a division I could "win", as well as doing the actual ride.  I ended up creating/riding the "Corvallis 2 Stage Night Ride" version of the 100 Miles of Nowhere.  The weather was forecast to suck (and did end up being cold and rainy), so my plans to alternate looping the neighborhood on different bikes with riding the trainer during the day didn't pan out.  That would have been far more interesting than two long nights on the trainer!

I started my ride on Saturday at 7pm with the intent to ride as much as I could stand on Saturday, recover on Sunday, then finish the ride on Tuesday or Thursday (my standard riding days).

All kitted out on Saturday
Saturday was pretty uneventful.  Even watching movies on the iPad, riding for 3+ hours on the trainer is BORING.  By the end of the ride my knees and feet were both fairly sore, but I felt good otherwise - I was just tired of being on the bike.

Riding in the shop
On Thursday, I started at 7pm as well and wrapped up right before 11pm.  Again, I felt pretty good, but my average speed dropped for the last 15 miles or so.

All in all this was a good experience, but not one I think I would repeat solo.  Riding 100 MoN with some other riders might be more interesting, or riding it on a nice day where I could get outside a bit -but even 50 miles on the trainer gets pretty old.

The stats:
Saturday: 50.02 miles ridden in 3:22 riding time - 2824 calories burned
Tuesday: 50.04 miles ridden in 3:14 riding time - 2898 calories burned
Average moving speed: 15.15 mph 


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